My Cousin Moe

Although Moe was older than I was, we did enjoy some rewarding moments together when I was young. The one that stands out the most for me is when Moe worked at St. Regis Paper Company near Nanuet, NY, north of the City. I remember staying overnight in Spring Valley, a memorable stopover when I was taking the bus from NYC Port Authority to my high school located near Lake Seneca. Moe knew that NYC was thrilling and exciting for me, and he took my family and me on a night ride on the Palisade Parkway for stunning night-time views of the Big Apple. It was exciting to the core.

I always marveled at his carpentry skills and the beautiful collection of antiques he procured in Quebec to complement his home. I suspect lots of detailed finishing work went into their refurbishing. He did not shy away from unusual house projects. And of course, there’s the generosity of spirit that you both showed to Nathaniel and Judy when you invited them to Florida so he could get more sunshine and vitamin D. I believe that stay helped Nathaniel to survive a few more months on earth in early 2011. Thank you for that invitation and hospitality.

One recent evening at the dinner table in Bath, Maine where our daughter Carrie and her husband now live, we talked of Moe, you, Asselin cousins, and extended family. In general, we agree that family is important to us all, and it’s the magic potion that keeps us moving forward on the earth plane. We send you our loving positive vibe, in the hope that you will move forward from this loss knowing that we share your grief.

May the Light of Love be with you.

Denis & Judy

Denis Asselin

Walking for Nathaniel

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