Moe attended Saint Anselm College, MIT and New Hampshire University where he received a degree in Chemical  Engineering.

He worked in the paper industry at many levels until he retired as Vice-President of Major Projects with Champion International (now: International Paper).

His area of  expertise was coated paper. He was assigned to head large paper mills expansions such as the Sartell Paper Mill in Minnesota or new (green field) mills such as Quinnesec paper mill, a leading North American producer of graphic and specialty papers, packaging and pulp, established in 1985, funded by Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, in Michigan.

The Quinnesec Mill has continued to thrive as the economic anchor of Dickinson County for more than three decades. Since 2001, the mill has been certified as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration Star facility under the Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP). The MVPP Star award is the state’s highest recognition for workplace safety programs and performance.

As a Trustee of Saint John University, he also  experienced  the needs of college education for engineers up close. Today,  Moe serves on The Council of the Golden Anselmians.

His retirement days were rarely spent on the golf course, but busy  with his own personal and other major building projects. A talented woodworker as well, he builds fine furniture in his own shop. (see Photo Gallery). After loosing his first wife Sylvia Asselin in 2004, he remarried Nicolette Asselin in 2007. Together they continued building additional important public benefit projects. Ref.

As he was unhappy, bored at one of the named 5 star assisted living on Cape Cod, he chose to participate as an advisor with his wife Nicolette Asselin, a retired physician involved in research, for the building of Oasis Brewster. He helped bring to life a new concept to assist people staying active, live purposeful lives and remain at home as well. See him hard at work building  in the last three year of his life. (see Photo Gallery)

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